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survey says...

1. Whats your grandmothers shoe size? dead people dont wear shoes
2. Whats your shoe size? 9 or 10?
3. When was the last time you had a bloody nose? like, almost a year ago, it was funny! *giggles*
4. Ever liked someone so much, but known you could never have them? umm.. kinda i guess
5. If so, when and who? i dunno
6. Ever dated someone gay? i am now... duh!
7. Who's your best friend? i have a few
8. Are you religious? somewhat
9. Whens your birthday? september 17th
10. Whats your favorite color? perrywinkle
11. Whats your favorite cartoon? Daria!
12. What color is your front door? red?....
13. What is your favorite song and who is it by? sleep to dream by fiona apple
14. Whats the most amount of people that you have ever liked at the same time? 1 or 2
15. Do you still like one of those people? just my robbie :)
16. Did someone you like send this to you? i stole it
17. Ever been to Disney World? yup... i hated it
18. Who's better, Daffy Duck, or Bugs Bunny? Bunny!!!!
19. Whats your favorite website? yes
20. What kind of crust do you prefer on a pizza? normal
21. What kind of mouse pad do you have? an oogly one
22. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Daria
23. Do you think Pamela Anderson is hot? no
24. Do you think Ryan Phillipe is hot? hes ok i guess
25. Which is better, Pepsi or Coca Cola? either
26. Are you tired of this survey yet? no
27. Have you ever owned a snake? ack no
28. What do you think about world peace? it would be the coolest
29. What do you want to name your first child? Opheila... the could call her ophie
30. Have you ever tried to kill yourself? yes(s)
31. Has a girl/guy ever made you cry? many people have made me cry
32. Are you dating anyone at the current time? yupp
33. Would you ever date the person that sent you this? i stole it
34. Ever gotten a headache from eating something really cold? no, but my throat freezes
35. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life? showing my wenie to some girls whe i was in 2nd grade
36. Do you hate someone? who doesn't?
37. If so, who, and why? Lalala
38. Have you ever been in love? i am
39. Do you hate school with a passion? no, only certian aspects

that's the end!?!?!?! oh no!
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